As I prepare and look forward to my upcoming fall trip to the Baxter State Park, Maine, I would like to share some of the photographs I took when I was there last year.

Both Maine and the Baxter State Park are one of my favorite places. Its a 6-8 hours drive from where I live and I visit at least twice a year! The following photographs were taken during fall of 2013 in and around the Baxter State Park.

The following shot of Mt Kathadin was taken from the Abol Bridge on Golden Road

IMG_0400 (1280x853)

The pond in this shot is called the Daicey Pond.

IMG_0016 (1280x695)

On the Chimney Pond trail

IMG_0641 (1280x853)

Basin Pond on the Chimney Pond Trail

IMG_0718 (1280x853)

I am really looking forward to share the travelogue after I make my trip this year!