Dear Satchi,

Many many happy returns of the day.

Its been 5 years. We haven’t celebrated your birthday all these years. I remember so many birthdays we celebrated together starting from college, at Mysore and at Infosys.

Your birthdays from the last 5 years has somehow started so many new traditions.

Amar and me talk for hours remembering each and every incident from college days. There are just so many of them. We tell each other stories that we both know and are part of, but still telling them never gets old. I bet you remember them too. We laugh our asses off and then after our call is over I get all nostalgic and sad. I know Amar feels the same way too.
Then there is Arpita, she pings me on facebook every year or I do; we talk about you a bit and then catch up a little. She misses you too.
Every year, this day, I go through your facebook page; read each and every post from start to end, even the comments on every post. Each year, there are people who wish you on facebook, some of them do it every year – Amit, Saptanshu, Abhijit, Bijon, Ram Sir and many others. I know for a fact that there are so many other people who remember you on your birthday. I feel good knowing that there are so many people friends, family who love you so much.

Its been 5 years. Things have changed so much since then. There are so many things I want to tell you, share with you. There are people in my life now who I would like you to meet. But I know, sitting where you are, you know it all. Hope you also know how we all feel about you and hope you know how much we miss you.

This is the most difficult thing I have ever written in my life. You will always be an integral part of my life, my best friend, my brother.

From all of us,Mamuni, Mum, Amar, Chandu, Satya, Rajdeep, Ipsita, we miss u a lot.

May your soul rest in peace.