At times I wonder how we get so wrapped up with our day to day chores of life and run after our materialistic needs that we forget there is a whole other world out there waiting to be discovered, wanting to be explored and hoping to be appreciated. What ‘other world’ you would ask’; well it could be the numerous mysteries that Mother Nature has to offer or gaze a star studded sky or exploring a different culture or even watching and realizing how beautiful the sunset is from your own balcony! But most importantly we forget who we really are what really give us happiness and we forget how small things in life leave big impact.

Beyond The Horizon will let me share my attempt to step out of the daily tantrums life throws at me and explore world beyond.

I am a photographer, a traveler and an explorer. I try to take time off my ‘daily job’ and experience things about which I may be read on National Geographic or watched on Discovery or just heard from a friend! Sometimes I try to discover on my own.  But on top of everything I do what I enjoy the most and have a fun time doing it.

Hope you guys enjoy reading through and like my work!